Service Engineering Inc. Parts Handling / Bag Feeding System

$1,950 (USD)

Fountain Valley, CA

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Express Scale Parts and JEM International manufacture a full line of bag filling equipment and accessories for food and non-food applications. Ranging from simple 50-lb bag net weigh fillers for semi-automatic production lines to fully automatic bag hanging and bag handling systems, JEM can meet customers’ bagging needs in a variety of applications. A basic system to handle free flowing products into open mouth bags can achieve bagging operation speeds beginning at 11 to 13 bags per minute. Most of the JEM bagging systems are available in either a simplex or in a duplex configuration for greater production speeds. In addition to the baggers, JEM has the ability to handle the complete automation of a bagging line. Automation, when implemented properly, has the ability to increase production, reduce labor costs and liabilities, and replace undesirable job duties. JEM International's experience in manufacturing, packaging and implementation can be beneficial when designing a packaging line. Express Scale Parts and JEM International offer a complete bagging operation in the MCRS models, designed for handling a variety of lawn and garden products. Typical products include rubber and wood mulch, all varieties of rock (up to ¾” in size), top soil, compost, sandy loam and sand. Bagging speeds are from 3 bags per minute on the Model 180 up to 10 bags per minute on the Model 600.