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GHT started humbly on October 16, 1978, as “G&G Radiator” in Fort McMurray, Alberta. At the time, the founder of GHT, Ged Vanberg was heavy duty mechanic with the local Caterpillar dealer. One day, a friend was complaining that there were no good radiator repair shops in Fort McMurray. This information caught Ged’s ear and he thought it was peculiar that Fort McMurray didn’t have any around– yet was (and still is) a burgeoning centre of the Oil & Gas Industry. After reviewing the market potential, Ged decided that it was time to open a radiator repair shop.
Now Ged Vanberg had a problem– although he understood radiators from his days as a mechanic, he did not know the first thing about how to a repair a radiator itself. So the first thing he did was to go around and visit the biggest, most renowned radiator shops around North America. He paid them to teach him what they knew. After a few months of working closely with them, he came back to Fort McMurray armed with the knowledge he had learned and opened the doors to what would become Global Heat Transfer (GHT) today.
From 1978-1997, GHT expanded capabilities to Edmonton, Alberta Canada, where we opened an additional radiator repair shop (’86), a Glacier Manufacturing facility (’89), another radiator repair shop (’90), and started manufacturing the Grommetized Global Tube (’90). GHT then expanded its reach to other locations in Canada, opening new radiator repair shops in Grand Prairie (’92), Fort Saint John (’94), and two in Red Deer (’95, ’96). In 1997, the company carried its momentum and continued expanding from ’97-’06, changing its name from “G&G Radiator” to “GHT” in every location. During this time span, GHT U.S. opened in Washington, PA (’97), GHT Australia opened in Perth (’03), GHT Chile SA opened in Antofagasta (’04), GHT Wyoming was established in the city of Gillette, WY (’06).
In 2008, GHT continued to expand its global reach establishing GHT China with its first location, with a second and third facility opening in the cities of Nantong and Wuxi (’09). That same year, GHT India was established. In 2010, a second location was open in Copiapó Chile, followed by further U.S. expansion with a sales office in Detroit, MI (’11), GHT Houston (’12), a new facility in Blairesville, PA (’12), and a sales office in Toronto, Ontario Canada (’12). In 2013, a third Marcellus location opened in Altoona, PA, in addition to a distribution facility in Indonesia (’14).
The introduction of the Jumbotron in 2009 was a big year for GHT with the release of its first prototype (1st Gen). Two engineers were sent into the field with the new product for 6 months to test and validate its function. Since, GHT has gone through five major Jumbotron redesigns in an effort to improve product quality & longevity. In 2010, the 2nd Generation Jumbotron was released (first North American units), then the 3rd Gen including new Surge Tanks (’11), the 4th Gen “Low Noise” Jumbotron (’14), and the most current 5th Gen Jumbotron including a patent pending new Cooler Design, patent pending Cooler Isolation Mounts, Airflow Improvement Kit, and Ladder (’15). Today, there are close to 1,300 Jumbotrons in the field– the oldest with over 14,000 hours on it...
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