DIT-MCO FACT 7000 Relay, Diode, Wiring Analyzer / Advanced Measurement System

$3,950 (USD)

Huntington Beach, CA

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FACT® Systems provide a wide range of testing and options to improve production rates and product quality while reducing overall costs. Precision tests verify the integrity of electrical interconnects. It is the easy to learn and use system with its Microsoft® Windows®-based software. The PC-based FACT analyzer performs automated measurements of continuity, high voltage leakage, resistance, capacitance, and dielectric breakdown for complex wired assemblies. It also tests relays, diodes and other components. FACT systems offer: FACT 7010 Front/BackFACTworks™ software assembly for your FACT system. delivers test flexibility and versatility. It leverages the benefits of its Windows interface: The FACT Systems’ flexibility makes them ideal for all types of high voltage wiring analysis applications. Operate them independently or easily integrate them into existing manufacturing work cells. Once in place, use them on projects ranging from relatively small, simple cable harnesses to large, complex wiring systems. Useful for any manufacturing stage, the FACT wiring analyzer finds faults before your product goes operational. Simplify and speed up test set up using special output panels such as the QUIC® assembly for your FACT system.