Elliott BYR

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Elliott BYR

$9,500 (USD)

Fountain Valley, CA


High speed gearbox applications are demanding. It is only with the utmost dedication to design and manufacturing best practices that the kind of speeds that are required by the power generation, gas and oil exploration, refining, and pipeline/pumping industries, among others, can be achieved. To further complicate matters, these units are often placed in some of the harshest operating environments in the world. Whether your application is offshore in the North Sea or the Gulf of Mexico, or land-based on the frozen north slope of Alaska or the sun-baked Sahara desert, Philadelphia Gear high-speed drives have an unparalleled record of long-term reliability. As a founding member of the American Gear Manufacturer’s Association (AGMA), as well as a current member and technical contributor to the American Petroleum Institute (API), Philadelphia Gear is uniquely positioned to serve the worldwide high speed gearbox market with products that are engineered for the toughest applications. Greater Reliability Demanded by Higher Throughputs Plant trends are clear – do more with less. This means that rotating machinery in process industries is running harder, faster, and is challenged to transmit more power than ever before. Advanced gear design and manufacturing capabilities developed at Philadelphia Gear, plus extensive operational field experience, make it possible for us to meet these exacting requirements. Philadelphia Gear’s long history in serving this market is evidenced by the fact that we have units successfully operating in the field that are rated up to 80,000 HP, have shaft speeds as high as 70,000 RPM, and pitch line velocities sometimes exceeding 35,000 feet per minute. Taken together, we offer a perfect blend of world-class engineering, long-term reliability and highly competitive initial cost.