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Incorporated in 1989, Nikken Kosakusho Europe Limited is a subsidiary of Nikken Kosakusho Works Limited Japan. Its principle activities are the import, distribution and supply of the entire Nikken product range, which encompasses CNC Rotary Tables, NC Tooling Systems and Measuring Devices including Elbo Controlli Tool Presetters.
Nikken Works Limited, in Japan, annually produces some 500,000 tool holders, 3500 rotary tables and 250,000 reamers. It employs a global workforce in excess of 550 and has earned, and maintains, a reputation for producing quality products and demonstrating total commitment to its clients.
Nikken Kosakusho Europe Limited's headquarters, workshops, sales offices and European distribution centre are based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. This facility also plays host to numerous invited guests on a regular basis for seminars, presentations and cutting demonstrations on the in-house machining facility.
Nikken Kosakusho Works Ltd. is a manufacturer of Tool Holders and attachments for machine tools, we have been market leaders in various industries, i.e. Aerospace, Automotive, and Ultra Precision Machining ever since the company was created in 1958.
We are proud that our 'Total Manufacturing System' enormously contributes to all of the above mentioned industries from raw material to precision finish machining.
The word NIKKEN translates into 'Everyday Study and Research' a principle adopted by all our staff in their daily pursuit of excellence in their work.
We are continually striving to improve our technology through constant innovation to enhance further the respect and reliability that our products have so far earned within the industries that they are used in.
Nikken's Osaka-Daito manufacturing facility opened during 2004. All product production and worldwide distribution are now handled from one extensive site.
Two factories, Head Office and all materials preparation and special treatment units are all now housed within this extensive facility.